Tosei Asset Advisors, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tosei Corporation, is conducting a wide variety of businesses including real estate asset management and CRE as a core company handling the Tosei Group's real estate fund and consulting business.

We have been entrusted with and engaged in management of investor real estate through so-called private-placement fund management over many years, during which we’ve exerted efforts to meet investor expectations. Thanks to the support of its stakeholders, Tosei Asset Advisors has earned a strong reputation with encouragement from our customers. We sincerely express our deepest gratitude for your patronage.


Based on experience gained through managing private-placement funds, Tosei Reit Investment Corporation, which listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2014, conducted public offerings for five consecutive years from 2015, and is achieving continuous growth of its assets under management. On the other hand, in the aspect of private-placement funds, Tosei Asset Advisors is also being entrusted with asset management from overseas investors and others and the amount of entrusted assets exceeds 800 billion yen in total. We believe that being entrusted with such asset management of REIT and private-placement funds is the result of having built a strong reputation among our unitholders in fully leveraging the three strengths of the Tosei Group (good judgment, leasing capability, and revitalization capability) developed over more than 20 years in the Tokyo metropolitan area.


As for our organizational strength, we are striving to enhance our structure continuously in order to remain committed to compliance required for conducting asset management of private-placement funds and as an asset management company of the listed REIT.


As an asset manager responsible for managing valuable assets for unitholders and investors, we are fully committed to maximizing their profits, as well as engaging in the asset management business as a responsible and trusted member of society, based on a highly esteemed set of corporate ethics and full compliance with relevant laws and regulations. I ask for your continued support and encouragement in the years ahead.

February 26, 2020
President & Representative Director
Kaname Wakabayashi