Based on its corporate philosophy, Tosei Asset Advisors strives to respond to the expectations of society through strengthening of business foundations to maintain sound growth, environmental burden reduction initiatives and all sorts of other corporate activities. By continually carrying out such activities and thereby fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, Tosei Asset Advisors aspires to become an even more trusted company. As a member of the Tosei Group handling the real estate fund and consulting business, Tosei Asset Advisors undertakes not only the “enhancement of corporate governance” of the Tosei Group but also its own initiatives for the matters listed below.


The “Anti-Corruption Compliance Rules” has been established to thoroughly ensure anti-corruption (prohibition of granting benefits to public employees, etc.) of executives and employees. Sellers, too, are to respond to a questionnaire with the same intent upon property acquisition.

Governance Risk Assessment

At Tosei Asset Advisors, the necessary internal review is performed, such as the Risk & Compliance Office and the ESG Secretariat conducting a governance risk assessment and reporting to the Board, at least once a year. The risk countermeasures for that year are drawn up based on the risk assessment.

Compliance and Corporate Philosophy Questionnaire

Every year, as a member of the Tosei Group, executives and employees of Tosei Asset Advisors respond to the compliance and corporate philosophy questionnaire conducted by the Tosei Group in an effort to ensure that the corporate philosophy is understood and known.

Separation of Compliance Function and Internal Audit Function

Tosei Asset Advisors has made the Risk & Compliance Office and the Internal Audit Office organized separately and appropriately staffed in order to more solidly maintain the independence of the internal audit function that is indispensable to thoroughly ensure governance.

Prevention of Conflicts of Interest

Tosei Asset Advisors has established related-party transaction rules concerning transactions with interested persons having a certain vested interest with Tosei Asset Advisors and appropriately prevents conflicts of interest for the proper execution of its asset management business.

Establishment of Whistle-Blowing System

A whistle-blowing system has been established by the Tosei Group, and Tosei Asset Advisors’ Risk & Compliance Office informs executives and employees of the system at orientation. In addition to internal contact points, there is also an external contact point to a third party.

ESG Learning (orientation and periodic) and Reflection on Personnel Evaluation

Orientation and quarterly compliance training are conducted by Tosei Asset Advisors’ Risk & Compliance Office, which includes content designed to learn about ESG as one training theme.
The performance evaluation conducted by Tosei Asset Advisors always includes an evaluation on participation in compliance training, including ESG learning. In this manner, Tosei Asset Advisors reflects ESG learning on personnel evaluation.