Initiatives for society

Tosei Asset Advisors (“TAA”) meets society’s expectations by strengthening business foundations for sound growth, reducing environmental impact, and various other corporate activities based on its corporate philosophy. TAA wishes to earn even more trust by continuing with such actions and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility. In addition to the “social initiatives” of the Tosei Group, we have our plan as described below at individual properties.


Our absolute priority is to secure tenant security and safety through swift recovery, even during a disaster. We have a program for appropriate emergency responses in addition to the “Earthquake Disaster Response Manual” by Tosei. It includes a business continuity plan (BCP), manual for information disclosure in the earthquake, manual for reporting in the emergency by TAA’s’ REIT Division and Private Fund Division. TAA conducts monitoring concerning the resilience of properties under management every quarter at the ESG meeting.

Evacuation drill by Tosei(Toranomon Tosei Building)
Evacuation drill by Tosei (Toranomon Tosei Building)
Evacuation drill by tenants (office building in Yokohama City)
Evacuation drill by tenants (office building in Yokohama City)

ESG Assessment on Business Partners

TAA adopts the policy on outsourcing business to those property management companies, building management companies, appraisal companies, ER companies, and other business partners. We expect them to have above a certain level in an assessment of ESG standards set by TAA.

Tenant Survey

TAA conducts a tenant survey to seek feedback on services provided to tenants. Based on the tenant feedback collected, the ESG Committee reviews and approves the action plan. The result is communicated to property management companies to enhance tenant satisfaction further.

Initiatives for Tenant Safety

  • Installation of AEDs
    TAA installs AEDs at office building entrances under our management to prevent visitors from suffering from sudden cardiac death.
  • Installation of elevator cabinets
    TAA installs elevator cabinets equipped with emergency food, sanitation kit, and others for passengers in an earthquake or power outage.

AED (office building in Yokohama City)
Elevator cabinet (residence in Chiyoda Ward)
Supplies in the emergency cabinet (residence in Koto Ward)
Emergency cabinet (residence in Koto Ward)

Initiatives on Security Enhancement for Tenants

Installed a shutter on the 1F window facing the road to prevent crime (residence in Ota Ward)

Before installation
After installation

Installation of security cameras

residence In Setagaya Ward
residence fn Kltakyushu City
residence In Ota Ward
residence In Ota Ward

Removing excess plants for good visibility from outside to prevent crime (residence in Setagaya Ward)

Before removal
After removal

Initiatives on Universal Design

TAA adapts universal design at some of the properties under management to consider the elderly and physically challenged persons.

Universal design (office building in Yokohama City)
Universal design (office building in Yokohama City)

Initiatives for Health of Tenants

The ESG Committee sets goals about maintaining tenants' health as part of related initiatives to keep the air quality inside the room. The measurement survey of tenant space is conducted regularly by outside professionals. Posters are put up promoting the use of stairs to improve the health of tenants.

A poster encouraging people to use the stairs (office building in Sumida Ward)
A poster encouraging people to use the stairs (office building in Yokohama City)

Distribution of Sustainability Guide to Tenants

TAA distributes to tenants the “Sustainability Guide" outlining our initiatives for contribution to communities and society at the properties under our management through property management companies to encourage tenants to participate in the social initiatives.

Initiatives for Improving Tenant Satisfaction

TAA cares for tenant’s satisfaction and improves a community space by installing a Christmas tree and furniture at the entrance.

Christmas tree display (residence in Minato Ward)
Installation of furniture at the entrance (residence in Sumida Ward)
Installation of furniture at the entrance (residence in Koto Ward)
Foliage plant (residence in Sumida Word)
Foliage plant (residence in Taito Ward)
Foliage plant (residence in Chuo Ward)

Social Contribution Posters In Buildings

TAA puts posters for promoting “Social Initiatives" in places well visible to tenants.

Contribution to Local Community

TAA conducts the following initiatives to develop a relationship between tenants and the local community

  • Cleanup of building surroundings
  • Rental of conference room for local residents
  • Opening up observatory at no charge to local residents
  • Holding of community event
  • Provision of emergency evacuation area to local residents
  • Provision of part of site for emergency drills by local residents
  • Emergency tank water supply to local residents
  • Establishment of bicycle sharing system
  • Establishment of local community space

Open space (office building in Yokohama City)
Opening up observatory for free to community (office building in Yokohama City)
Holding of community event (residence in Kita Ward, Tokyo)
Holding of community event (residence in Kita Ward, Tokyo)
Cleanup of building surroundings (office building in Sumida Ward)
Emergency tank water supply to local residents (office building in Yokohama City)
Establishment of bicycle-sharing system (residence in Shinjuku Ward)
Establishment of bicycle-sharing system (residence in Toshima Ward)
Establishment of local community space (residence in Shinjuku Ward)
Rental of conference rooms to local residents (hotel in Nagoya City)

Establishment of Health Committee

TAA has established the Health Committee based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act and holds monthly meetings to discuss labor conditions and employees' health management.

Goals for the Health of Employees

Through the ESG Committee, goals on maintaining employees' health have been as part of initiatives for health and productivity management.

Overtime Hours Fact-Finding Survey and Appropriate Management

TAA has a system to manage overtime hours appropriately, such as by having division/department heads monitor employees' overtime hours periodically and interviewing employees working over a certain amount of overtime hours as needed to ensure that a healthy work environment is in place for executives and employees.

Support for Acquiring Qualifications

In addition to the support program for acquiring real estate brokerage qualifications by the Tosei Group, TAA pays for the ARES Certified Master annual fee as its initiatives as support for enhancement of the capabilities.
Please click here for the number of qualification holders

Harassment Countermeasures

The Risk & Compliance Office informs and conducts training of employees periodically on the prohibition of sexual harassment and power harassment (abuse of power).

Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire

Every year, employees of TAA take the employee satisfaction survey conducted by the Tosei Group.