ESG initiatives

Our Contribution to SDGs

Tosei Asset Advisors (“TAA”) believes that ESG initiatives are essential for developing a professional asset management business and staying a trusted member of society. TAA has implemented various initiatives under the ESG Policies and ESG Action Guidelines of Tosei Group.

・Please click here to view the ESG Policies of the Tosei Group.

TAA supports the message of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted at the UN Summit in 2015.  TAA addresses the SDGs through the following initiatives by prioritizing issues on ESG and considering their relevance to the 17 goals set by the SDGs.

※Below are the SDG goals we selected as important issues (materiality) on ESG.
We monitor the status of initiatives on essential issues (materiality) listed below as part of corporate actions.

Category Important issues (materiality) on ESG at TAA Relevance
E (Environment) Extension of building lifetime through the installation of LED lighting and value-enhancement work 11、13
Management and reduction of energy consumption, CO2 emissions, water consumption, and waste emissions 7、11
Acquisition of environmental certifications and energy-saving certifications 9、11
S (Social) Improvement in tenant satisfaction 11
Initiatives on disaster prevention 11、13
Contribution to Formation of the local community 3、11
Talent development of employees 4、8
Increase customer satisfaction 5、10
Increase employee satisfaction 5、10
G (Governance) Thorough compliance and elimination of interaction with anti-social forces 16

Stakeholder Engagement

In doing a real estate fund consulting business within the Tosei Group, we have received support from various stakeholders to expand enterprises such as real estate asset management and CRE. To further elaborate a relationship with our stakeholders, we continue to keep our dialogue

Stakeholder Our Responsibilities Examples of Communication
Investors In addition to securing the expected revenue, We strive for timely disclosure of appropriate information and good communication. ・Holding general meetings of shareholders, financial results briefings, briefings for individual investors.
・Making press releases
・Sharing information on the website
・Holding other relevant meetings
・Submitting reports
and others
Tenants Earn the trust of the tenants by providing a safe and comfortable living environment ・Conducting tenant satisfaction surveys
・Paying attention to daily conversations through PM companies
and others
Business partners (PM companies, appraisal companies, etc.) Through careful consultation and information sharing for earning greater trust from our business partners. ・Holding regular meetings
・Providing ESG training
and others
Local community As a member of the local community, we offer support for the development of the community by hosting events and providing spaces for gathering. ・Conducting local cleanup operation activities
・Providing evacuation space
・Leasing conference rooms
・Installing bicycle sharing
and others
Employees We respect the skills and uniqueness of each employee. It is our priority to create an employee-friendly working environment and rewarding working conditions. ・Conducting regular consultations and performance reviews
・Conducting employee satisfaction surveys
・Providing employee trainings
・Installing a hotline
and others

GRI Content Index

We refer to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for ESG reporting.