Corporate Profile


Company name Tosei Asset Advisors, Inc.
Address 4-5-4 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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Date of establishment September 28, 2005
Capital 100 million yen
Director President & Representative Director Kaname Wakabayashi
End of fiscal year November 30
Employees 115
Fields of business Investment Management Business (specified investment management business related to real estate), etc.
Licenses / Registrations
  •  Investment Management Business, Investment Advisory and Agency Business, and Type II Financial Instruments Business: Director-General of Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Financial Instruments) Registration No. 363
  • Entrustment-Based Agency Services For Transactions: Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, License No. 52
  • Real Estate Brokerage Business: Governor of Tokyo (4) Registration No. 85736
  • Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise License: Commissioner of the Financial Services Agency, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and tourism No. 70
  • The Japan Investment Advisors Association
  • The Investment Trusts Association, Japan
  • Type II Financial Instruments Firms Association
  • The Association for Real Estate Securitization
  • National Association For Real Estate Transaction Guaranty
Directors and Auditors
President & Representative Director Kaname Wakabayashi
Senior Managing Director

-Division Head of Private Fund Division

Yoshiyuki Tsukada

-Deputy Division Head of Private Fund Division

Eiji Koya

-Division Head of Administrative Division

-General Manager of Risk and Compliance Office

-General Manager of Business Promotion Department

Yoshinori Ide
Director (part-time) Noboru Hirano
Auditor (part-time) Shunsuke Yamaguchi
Number of qualified employees
  • Real estate transaction agent
  • Real estate consulting master
  • ARES Certified Master
  • First class architect
  • Real estate appraiser
  • 87
  • 11
  • 32
  • 2
  • 1

(as of June 1 2022)