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Tosei Asset Advisors, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tosei Corporation, is working to expand its presence as a core company handling the Tosei Group's real estate fund business.

In November 2014, Tosei Reit Investment Corporation (securities code: 3451) listed its investment units on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and on November, 2016 it completed its second public offering to acquire five new properties. At present this remains a relatively small J-REIT with total assets of 23 properties・approx. 36.1 billion yen(total acquisition price), but we are committed to providing investors with opportunities to harvest consistently high yields in the real estate market by fully leveraging the three strengths of the Tosei Group (good judgment, leasing capability, and revitalization capability) developed over more than two decades in the Tokyo metropolitan area. I ask for your support and guidance as we move forward with efforts to boost the size of our portfolio and fulfill investors' expectations.

We also focus on managing private-placement funds, and have already established a track record that spans more than ten years. As an asset manager for major investment funds, we have approx. 430 billion yen in assets under management and are working continually to satisfy our clients' high expectations. Thanks to the support of its stakeholders, Tosei Asset Advisors has won a strong reputation from the investment community as an asset manager that excels in the field of real estate. We aim to maintain and even exceed these expectations in the years ahead.

Japan's real estate market is seeing a great deal of activity at the moment. Each employee, while focused on the fundamentals of their duties, stands committed to drawing on the Tosei Group's strengths to carefully manage the assets entrusted to us and maximize the value for clients.

As an asset manager responsible for managing valuable real estate assets for investors, we are fully committed to maximizing profits, as well as engaging in the asset management business as a responsible and trusted member of society, based on a highly esteemed set of corporate ethics and full compliance with relevant laws and regulations. I ask for your continued support and encouragement in the years ahead.

March 1, 2017
Tosei Asset Advisors,Inc.
  Hiroshi Nakamura

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